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What I’m Up To In June 2009

I need to get back into posting. Next week I’m going to Paris for the AiGameDev.com conference, which also means I’ll get a chance to go to some touristy places too, expect photos.

There is also news that the Preservation SIG white paper has been accepted along with other game preservation items to DiGRA 2009, should be good!

I also am playing more games, of course! I should bring back the this week series (which reminds me, I’ll adda way to get to tags somewhere at somepoint…), since this kept my mind in check and gave me something to do each week. I’ve got these to finish at some point:

  • Mount & Blade – highly enjoyable open world game, which I really need to write up about, since I’ve spent hours and hours playing this. Iterative game design obviously wins!
  • Fallout 3 – still not finished, I should push for the end – I seem to have done most of the sidequests.
  • Empire: Total War – I’ve barely scratched the surface of this. I should try doing a new campaign now it’s been heavily patched.
  • STALKER: Clear Sky – I’ve played the start but I really need to reinstall it (I started it before reinstalling my OS) patch and play again, especially since an interesting sequel has been announced.
  • Deus Ex – Vintage Game Club game I got about 1/4 to 1/2 of the way through or so and stopped playing, I need to finish off my gallery.
  • Super Mario Galaxy, No More Heroes both on my Wii 🙂

I also have a huge backlog of games to install, which I’m noting here for myself, and what should be in upcoming posts, although in no particular order:

  • Alpha Centuri – need to play this for the Vintage Game Club actually!
  • Command & Conquer The First Decade – a large mix of RTS fun, I wanted mainly to try C&C 2 (the isometric Tiberium Wars one) again, since I’ve replayed C&C Red Alert before.
  • Mass Effect – Should be fun, I like Bioware stories – although lacking modding for many of their games now is a bit sad.
  • Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor – Another campaign should be fun, and what few friends I have who still play CoH, the additional multiplayer gametypes might be well worth it. I’ll have to see.
  • World in Conflict: Complete Edition – I previously borrowed and played the singleplayer of World in Conflict before, but this gave me an opportunity to have it, play it again with the additional missions. The way they did it sadly means if I did have the original, the new missions are in the middle of the game so can’t be done separately, which is a rather odd choice.
  • Far Cry 2 – Got it with a budget graphics card which is going to stay in my current PC (rather then buy a better card now and cause problems when I want to get an entirely new PC, with SLI or Crossfire), should be interesting to look at even if I’ve not heard always the best things (although Chris Remo loves it, so it can’t be that bad).