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Develop Conference Volunteer Work


I’m back from Brighton (windy, rainy, at least I was indoors a lot), and from the Develop Conference. I had a great time helping and I think all the volunteers enjoyed it (the free bar at the end of the night might have helped there 🙂 ). Read on for a quick summary of what I enjoyed and some pictures from my album, although I meant to take more, they give a feel at least for the conference, although with my camerawork you can’t see much. Read on for more… Continue reading Develop Conference Volunteer Work

Brighton Develop Conference and other UK game developer conferences

brighton develop conference logo
Develop 2007
The Develop Conference and Expo in Brighton is on next week, and I’ve volunteered to help. It should be an insightful view into the conferences put on by the industry, this one is pretty new (started Last Year since I can’t find any older information).

Expect some kind of insight of how it went and if my camera captured anything interesting (off-work of course, its a long event). I’ve done a few conference-like events for my SU before, and it should be good fun to do something I’m very much interested in, and will at least be a good holiday away from my precious computer for 5 days or so. If you’re interested, I found out about volunteering via. the IGDA forums.

On the subject of conferences, the amount of UK-based game developer conferences is not exactly high compared to the USA, as there are some that have come and gone. Some good ones still around as far as I can tell (having not visited them). Continue reading Brighton Develop Conference and other UK game developer conferences