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I am constantly finding things I should do, watch, see, play, listen to, read, think about and enjoy. Cultural things – all kinds of games, plays, music, film, TV, books…etc. I’m making smallish lists and looking out for things when I have a chance to see them. I think it is well worth sharing these kinds of things. No site would be complete without some lists right? Well, I’ll do them sooner or later! Also, I’m always on the lookout for gaps in my knowledge – the extremes, the pinnacles of culture, the magnum opus pieces. I’ve missed many, even if I do peruse TV Tropes a lot 😉

So, anyone have anything that in their opinion, I (and others) should watch, see, play, listen to, read, think about or enjoy before I die? Surprise me 🙂 but I’m happy with nothing, just means I’ll be asking a lot more people in person, hehe!

I’ll take on all offers and at least try it too! I’ve found a lot of worth in things I have disliked for whatever reason. Not that I’d necessarily get to it immediately, I do have some lists of things to do for a while 🙂 but it’s always worth looking ahead! I’ll put down my must sees, and additional interesting recommendations, especially for videogames soon, and of course most of the things I’ve posted about have been for a good reason if you want a hint of some. I have several draft posts for things I’ve finished or enjoyed to finish off too.