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374HALFBY Music Video

HALFBY, or DJ Takahiro Takahashi has some very cool and stylish videos to go along with his tracks. I highly recommend watching the originals before the re-enactments! Very catchy, and thanks to Albino Black Sheep else I’d have never found these! Some tracks remix Beastie Boys samples too, in a rather cool way.

Recommended listening order from me is:


It has some strange “story” in each one, very fun!

Helping the IGDA Game Preservation SIG

I decided to get involved more in the IGDA, since it is something worth putting my time in and will hopefully benefit everyone involved. After reading the Civilisation Gamasutra article, I was inspired to learn more about game preservation. Its a vital area of games in general, especially since console games become unplayable after a few years, and the time is coming when early 70’s games are going to die and be lost forever.

The IGDA’s Game Preservation SIG has not been publicly active on the IGDA site, so I helped clean up the wiki (now full of more useful links!) and will hopefully be able to contribute to the news too.

However, the most interesting part was asking about preservation on the mailing list. Worth getting involved in, there are many more dedicated people then I could count contributing once I asked some questions, and there is a lot more going on then I thought apparent. Recently, there was even a Library of Congress grant for a Illinois University Preserving Digital Worlds project!

A great SIG to get involved in, hopefully I’ll be able to contribute not just an active presence in updating the preservation’s pages, but myself get some interviews or game footage to archive, once I find some willing developers in the UK I can interview and make documentaries about!