Where The Bodies Are Buried

Bad at updating my site eh? I’ll get on and upload some brilliant stuff I made recently, but nothing much else to report home about here except a short kind of review.

Finished reading Where The Bodies Are Buried – brilliant Scottish police drama book (ie; it isn’t a too standard police procedural with a lead male detective, huzzah!), I hope Chris “-topher” Brookmyre does more of them; witty, sometimes gruesome, very heartfelt, strong characterisation – good stuff (if somewhat slow to start and some clichés here and there the build up is momentous and had me pretty gripped) – perhaps not as strange as some of his other books but read it if you like anything crime 🙂

Additional to Facebook; I am probably giving this a glowing review since I’ve not seriously read reams of police procedurals; many of which would wear you down with clichés and haggard repetitive characters. I mainly see the core interest in the book as the non-police people, however I enjoyed reading a strong female detective rather then a brooding male.

I’d also highly recommend his other books, but only have read two; One Strange Day in the Middle of the Night and Quite Ugly One Morning, both brilliant too 🙂