3 thoughts on “Generic Videogame Based Webcomic”

  1. TEXT TEXT TEXT TEXT TEXT. I had seen this comic before and enjoyed it, although upon reading it again I found myself thinking “you know, if this same conversation was happening on a podcast that I was listening to, I’d probably enjoy it.” But I suppose a webcomic does imply some semblance of actual, y’know, humor (at least for those who aren’t already familiar enough with gaming webcomics to have abandoned such expectations).

    As a parody of CAD, it misses the mark a bit since the characters are actually having a moderately informed conversation rather than simply alternating between zany stock personalities like “insufferable manchild” and “sentient smirk”. Ohhhhh Ethan…

    You might enjoy this as well: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlzKXMHKkDg

  2. Hahaha, yep, I really hate CAD (aborted babies and all) so that youtube video had me laughing 🙂 (I still get a little distressed people in the comments say “This is better then CAD!” but oh well).

    As for podcasts doing it – well, I guess it depends on the podcast. Now Idle Thumbs has stopped I randomly listen to Giant Bomb but only rarely (because…it is halfway to that conversation and takes at least 2 hours an episode, haha).

  3. Yeah, I miss Idle Thumbs. That was probably my favorite gaming podcast, as I’ve been a fan of that site and the people behind it even back before they converted it over to a podcast. I was really upset when it ended, haven’t been that disappointed since the demise of Consolevania.

    Giant Bomb is pretty decent, although sometimes it does strain my patience. Actually, it’s more when they waste inordinate amounts of time cracking a bunch of corny jokes that bothers me, so it’s kind of the opposite of that Cyanide and Happiness comic. I wish they would forget to tell jokes on the Bombcast, because when they actually talk about games they can be really interesting.

    Thankfully, there are a bunch of other fantastic podcasts that I’ve discovered ever since the lack of Idle Thumbs forced me to branch out a bit. My current favorite is the Brainy Gamer Podcast, followed closely by Another Castle. Both are tremendously entertaining and the discussions tend to be a bit more serious and insightful. I also still enjoy some of the 1UP podcasts, as everyone involved with 1UP is clearly passionate and knowledgeable even when the delivery of some folks there can be slightly abrasive. But Retronauts and The Grind are good fun, and 4Guys1Up is slightly less consistent but still listenable.

    Another decent one is A Life Well Wasted, although new episodes are only rarely released. I’m sure I can think of some others, but I’m drawing a blank right now. As you’ve probably gathered, I enjoy recommending things to others. ^_^

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