Bedridden Illness

Stupid bug. Freshers Flu, a cold, a headache, whatever. dozens of disprin tablets, 3 days of basically doing nothing. Sigh. I still feel ill but at least I can cope looking at a PC screen and have been to work 🙂

Still, means I had an excuse not to update here. Basically what did I do though? Apart from try and sleep, I saw The Longest Day early on Sunday before I got the chills, which reminded me heavily of Call of Duty 1 and 2. Well, no doubt the designers heavily viewed war films, and this was one of the biggest (and setup very much like Call of Duty – stories get split up, pasted together chronologically, with different actors taking on different operations and characters). Fascinating to watch, although not as intense as Call of Duty was, although both portrayed each battle as a very serious and tough affair (apart from some of Call of Duty‘s made up ones). Good to see if you want to know what happened over D-Day, with some style from both all corners.

Before I was struck down on the Cruel late September Sunday, I got the game that I found the name of before, Lock’s Quest, since it was cheap at Forbidden Planet (who are, at least in Nottingham an no doubt elsewhere, getting rid of all their videogame stock so have lowered prices and got offers and whatnot for what’s left). Initial thoughts are it’s quite fun, and I wanted an easy thing to play on the bus so this suites me fine – it’s tower defence, with nice graphics and while intense and timed, doesn’t seem unfair (yet 🙂 – I always hit the “designer battle” stage with these games usually. Curse you last puzzle piece in Braid!). Scribblenauts might be another title I pick up by the same guys at some point, but got this to play right now 🙂 (and platforming is never, ever my thing).

DepthsOfPerildemo 2009-02-25 00-09-35-14
Depths of Peril

Also, going back again, I got the full version of Depths of Peril last week. I mentioned playing the demo before, and it was fun to go back to the demo and replay it up to the limits it sets. An action RPG styled with guild warfare – and diplomacy – in a barbarian town. Quite fun gameplay, if very loot-orientated, although the main part is the diplomacy, guild raids and faction wars. I started a new game, and am presently with one character, although and for some reason I’m utterly outmatched by my main companion thief (who I presume have higher stats since I can get more varied skills. In any case she hits harder then my warrior and absorbs and dodges damage better too!). The AI seems pretty competent at handling itself, considering I have it on easy, and the guilds have whittled down themselves quite quickly (starting at 6 there are now 2 left apart from me). It encourages re-playability and item swapping between characters, and saves are not necessary since your life stone resurrects you instantly (penalty being if the life stone is attacked by an enemy guild and is destroyed you lose, so dying makes that happen a lot easier). I’ve got to try it out with other characters I think 🙂

However, during my illness I did not finish what I wanted to of Death Note, a manga comic (although more a “wordy book with pictures”, heh), which I’m borrowing from Namsoc (which I failed to get to since I was mainly in bed! but I thank the librarian since I will read them now I’m recovering…by going to bed early 🙁 ). This is sometimes painful to read when not ill, when ill I couldn’t even get a few more pages in. It’s not hard to comprehend, just so over the top in magnificent ways it takes a lot of effort to not just stop and have your jaw drop with how over the top it is 🙂

I also missed playing any of my Wii, which I want to do now I’ve got it sorted and updated – I’ve got a ton of games, I’ll go through them once I’ve played some more of them. 🙂 Better late then never, it’s not like they age dramatically and I missed it on the “big screen” like film, or it’s got removed from playing, like the iPlayer (sigh).