I have really neglected my comics category, I guess I wasn’t ever board enough to do this. Wrote up something on a forum thread so I might as well copy and paste it here πŸ™‚ this means there are no fancy pictures though.

These are the majority of the online comics I read regularly. I’m not saying anyone else will like them but it’s always worth trying something new. Post your suggestions, but I won’t listen if you mention anything about CAD.

These are in no particular order apart from under their headings.

Excellent Reads

Minus – Excellent comic about a strange girl with strange powers – large print comics, not one of these “daily comics” or one with a span going over several strips, which is really good artistically. Has finished now, so read from the start.

Better Days – Follows twins through stages of their lives. The anapromophic thing doesn’t seem to come into it much (I think that’s more for the extra smutty things sold on the site). The actual content is pretty damn good – covering a range of family, sexual, children and adult topics. Start from the beginning.

Order of the Stick – If you know D&D this comic is pretty amazing. Both pretty in the art style (refined stick figures never looked so expressive and good), and amazing in the way it has over 5 story arcs, long term character goals, changing circumstances, impressive character choices and so forth – all fitting into some nice clichΓ©’s about standard character archetypes. Read from the start – the later comics won’t make sense otherwise. The additional comics he’s released (which I’ve got) go into some of the backstory – it’s pretty amazing the thought put into the reasons why characters act the way they do. Read this if you do like humorous comics, but also want some involving plot and characters rather then one off jokes.

Irregular Webcomic – Plenty of fun had using Lego Minifigs. Mainly good classic comedy, ie; Witty puns πŸ˜‰ along with some strange mix of genres (several things going on at once! although at the moment it’s one big story where [i]every single story arc[/i] is dead and meeting each other, brilliant!) – great comments from the author David Morgan-Mar about a whole range of topics, you learn while you read, since he is a smart witty guy – a Dr. at a University in Australia.

Girl Genius – Extravagant artwork (I’ve got the comic books from this actually, it’s very nice – and all available for free online which is impressive). Not the greatest writing as such, a load of fanboy content too, but still has a good general long storyline, mad science is great fun, and there are some really good jokes in there. Start from the beginning.

Ozy and Millie – a really well written, really funny comic about a whole host of bizarre things (such as a Pirate who grows younger in time…), centred around the title characters who happen to be two young anthropomorphic foxes. Starting from the beginning is nice because you don’t only see the characters evolve, but the artwork, and setting. Very long running too (currently sporadic updates after the last arc finished, but promised future content, not bad for being free).

Truck Bearing Kibble – No words, only great art – situational comedy, parody, or just strangeness. I love this one, there’s sure to be one that you get a kick out of πŸ™‚ Shame it doesn’t update too often, I guess a lot of work goes into it, it looks great.

Dilbert – I’m in IT and computing, I can say the jokes resonate very well. It’s surprising how everyone’s manager seems to be a bit of a PHB πŸ™‚

[b]Interesting Odd Ones[/b]

XKCD – Comic on random scienc-y, technology, philosophy, love, and other random things. Very geeky, I love it, it’s nice for a quick look when it updates, usually simple short comics in a rather refined stick man style.

Garfield Minus Garfield – Takes out Garfield, making the comics actually funny when Jon does so many insane things. There’s the odd gem there for sure, a real deconstruction of it comics and art, really, since it’s such a simple change but makes Garfield bearable – a real work just from that.

Lucid TV – very irregular updates, but some really, really black jokes about doctors and healthcare. Funny dark though, it is just so wrong sometimes. Gives me a chuckle at least πŸ™‚

Qwantz – Dinosaur Comics – It uses the same panel layout ever comic. It’s more a back and forth of dialogue then anything too serious. The reason it’s not in my excellent reads is it can sometimes just not be entertaining I guess. Worth checking out though for sure πŸ˜€


Three Panel Soul – From MacHall, this is just random bemusing comics. There are sometimes real gems of comedy or observation, but sometimes is just them doing comics just about themselves that only they get, heh.

The Non-Adventures of Wonderella – This is a bit of fun parody of superheroes, but not getting massive praise because the main character is a little too dickish rather then just lazy. Still some great jokes from time to time, and entirely random little stories to be honest.

Sam and Max – actual Steve Purcell stuff, with some interesting design into speech bubbles. However; 1. It has seemingly stopped updating in ages and 2. It’s currently so short the story actually goes no where! I’d give it a quick read just to see a different style from your standard way of providing dialogue.

FreakAngels – I’ve just started reading this relatively new comic. Longer story arcs (in a more classic comic book feel) is the way. It looks nice, and was quite pleasing to get into, I’m not wholly convinced just yet though. I like the way it updates several pages at once though πŸ™‚ allows much better dialogue and artwork. The story is based on some world catastrophe caused by some psychics for whatever reason (it’s certainly coy about never revealing anything). That’s one reason it’s interesting – seeing a devastated London (I quite like that angle of storytelling).

[b]No RSS Feed[/b]

Just because they are annoying for not having a good RSS feed, here are some others I catch up on whenever I can be bothered.

Dr. McNinja – Well written, now in colour, and entirely insane. I just love reading it to see how it tops itself each time, like riding a fake Dracula down from the Moon most recently. Parodies of everything in the book. I just wish it had an RSS feed! Worth reading the earlier stories first, it makes the later ones just make more sense.

Awkward Zombie – I love the art style, and while there are LOT of MMO comics, it’s still pretty fun to read. It’s one joke-per-comic way of working is pretty easy going, and it’s pretty light stuff, not much in the way of “This sucks” like a lot of game comics.

Freefall – An amazing undertaking – it took a few years to have a single day in the timeline of this comics story – which is almost “real time”. In any case, interesting characters and some intriguing plot is great. Switched to fan coloured a while back, I just wish it had an RSS feed. You’ll be in for the long haul if you read it – so check it from the beginning.

Looking For Group – I assume a WOW-like world, but with really it’s own setting. Not the best comic I’ll admit – it is pretty formulaic in the comedy department, and doesn’t do the drama parts to well, and is a bit confusing overall, but in any case at least the story continues and characters change, which considering some comics makes this worthy of awards just for that. πŸ™‚ Start at the beginning.

Exterminatus Now – Pretty funny comic by some British people set in the W40K universe (kinda, it’s all anthropomorphic animals). Pretty good parody work and it looks nice too. I don’t read too many 4 panels comics, so I check this out now and again (it doesn’t update too often so it goes rather slow too).

4 thoughts on “Comics!”

  1. There are a lot of webcomics out there… I think everyone has subtly different reads. The big webcomic that I’m a huge fan of is Sluggy Freelance ( It’s something of an intimidating tome to a new reader; there’s still no RSS feed and the comic is one of the oldest serial comics on the internet with 12 years of comics to catch up on. (You really need to read from the beginning.) Totally awesome though, meandering through a wild, often funny, universe.

    Beyond Sluggy, here are a few comics from my RSS reader that I read that you didn’t mention: Penny Arcade, Sinfest (I found an unofficial RSS feed that works well), Diesel Sweeties (robots and porn stars all the way down), Sore Thumbs (weird, often quite funny, comic that spans video gaming, politics and just random other stuff), VG Cats (excellent gaming comic).

    More recent pick-ups to my reader: Bear Nuts (; sort of a “care bears” gone wrong comic that is bizarre and fun) and Menage A 3 (basically about what the title suggests its about, but cute and funny and a little nerdy. Gizele, the artist, is amazing and she’s had quite a storied history in webcomics…).

  2. I’ll check out the ones I don’t know on your list πŸ™‚

    For the ones I do know; I’ve got issues with Sluggy Freelance (as you said, terrible to get into). I do read Penny Arcade, although usually more for the news/commentary then the wit of the artists (although there are some nice commentary comics).

    You know, I used to read Sore Thumbs until it went into bizarre politics which, obviously, I have no intention of trying to understand, so got bored by it all. I also don’t get along with VG Cats, which has had one too many, to be honest, entirely shit comics that make the rest just get worse by association, and he seems to be a pretty one-joke man so nothing ever really seems new since a fair few years back. I still look at it from time to time though, nostalgia I guess.

    There’s actually a ton I don’t read any more. It’s interesting not really how my reading habits have evolved, but how the comic writers either haven’t changed, have gotten so bad, or just basically stopped updating their work. Very few ever “finish” – Minus is one, a few others include you or anyone else might want to read if you have a spare day (as if):

    Concerned, Inverloch, DM of the Rings, Bollox and 200 Bad comics (worth a shot πŸ˜‰ ) in my bookmarks.

    I also missed out Darth and Droids for some reason, which is pretty ace.

    Also, on this topic, since I am checking my old bookmarks, Cat and Mouse is a very comic-like set of videos, funny stuff πŸ™‚ (but not updated in over a year πŸ™ ).

  3. Hold on, that’s the same one I found – it only has random news items, no comics right?

    There’s one like that for Dr. McNinja. No good for reading the comics as they come out πŸ™

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