My GDC 2009 Session! Everyone please come! :)

I’m helping the IGDA this year at GDC, where I got offered to help by hosting the Students Social Gathering, and I’m on the GDC site too, wow 🙂 – and I look terrible, yes, oh well! Let’s hope I move on from “Graduate” too, in one way or another. I’m not exactly sure what the event will consist of yet, I might have to plan something, but it is a social gathering, so should be great (I missed last years – it clashed with something else sadly). I hope also that the social is open like 2008, where people who just had an Expo pass could get to the IGDA booth (I think), making it more accessible to students, which for this is perfect.

Also up is the Preservation SIG Roundtable (we’ll see, but I doubt there’ll be any history sessions, although there was one last year I missed), and all the other IGDA things. I’ll be hopefully attending Dave and Alex and Many Other’s organised AI Summit, too. I’ll see if there is anything else interesting, nearer too it I think.

4 thoughts on “My GDC 2009 Session! Everyone please come! :)”

  1. Oh wow! That is great news! I will definitely be there! Also, wow I know someone famous now. Way to go, Andrew! Congrats 🙂

  2. Yeah, Dave, it’s a pass so I can come to the AI summit 🙂

    And Jules, haha, I don’t get scholarships for Sony! I mean, you get featured on game blogs, sites and stuff (I think even Gamasutra right?) you’re much more famous 🙂

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