Eurogamer Expo Day #2

Multiwinia allows manual control of defensive turrets, neat!

Day 2 was much like Day 1, so I won’t detail every game again 😉 but I got some more pictures!

I did get to play Mirrors Edge, which does play well once you’ve got a grasp of the controls. Enjoyable, but I’m still dubious about the PC release – DRM (it’s from EA), possible control issues, and certainly the game might be a tad short since they seem to press the Time Trial mode and speedrunning aspects more then the length of the game, which is a real shame. It looks really good though (which really helps the gameplay), although the version at the expo was really graphically aliased.

I also tried a bit of Left 4 Dead – it does play okay, as co-op things go. No particular difficulties, the rush of zombies is a bit odd since they don’t damage you much but is fun enough. I’m not sure about it at the full-game price, and will have to try the demo first (I also played it on the Xbox 360, which doesn’t help) – it really needs some good friends to play with, so I’m not sure I’ll get it unless I can convince a few others to get it as well.

All in all fun stuff, especially playing some more Plain Sight and War Twat. 😀