Women in Games Day 3


I’ve written up/added all my notes for the Women in Games, Day 3. That completes the set – Friday was a half-day, and I finally got home to upload my photos. Hooray for blurryness! (I didn’t want to use the flash much – it wasn’t much use when I did anyway). Look at them at lower resolutions and it’s okay 🙂 gives you an idea of who was speaking anyway.

Included in the photos are the visit to Warwick Castle and the banquet, and to download also are 3 videos from the night – Are e do are e do (singing), the rules and some comedy, and finally the Lord Oliver the Vegetarian tasting the meat, since he’s a supposed poisoner.

The conference was fun, and very interesting – a mix of academic, industry and plenty of other things. Incredibly talented people presenting, and various important topics raised. I’ll try and make next years, I think!

Day 3 – September 12th

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