This Week, I Have Been Mostly Playing…

This week I have been mostly playing…

Lots of games! Well, some. I’ve been trying my new Wii, which I brought last week, in a bundle with Smash Bros. Brawl, which is fun (playing the singleplayer campaign with my brother mainly and learning the controls). Also the packaged Wii Sports made the rounds – I must play more of this, it is fun! 🙂

The reason for a Wii? Price mainly. There is no way I can currently afford a full Xbox 360 or certainly not a Playstation 3 console – I wanted a second controller for certain, which this bundle had saving me a bit of money. I need to get a few odds and ends for it (memory card, component cables) which are under a tenner to finish it off. Suggestions for awesome Wii or Gamecube games to pickup are welcome 🙂 (Zelda, however, is not my thing, so scratch that 😉 ).

Another reason for a Wii over the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 is I am terrible at FPS games on a console, and play them on my PC. I don’t need to have duplicate systems to play the same things (especially at the extra price that comes with console games, and subscriptions, etc), and the Wii has several unique games. Maybe I’ll get one of the consoles at some point – after a price drop, or for the Playstation 3, the inclusion of their actual real rumble controller – yes, Europe still doesn’t sell them yet! what’s up with that?!

On the PC, apart from Team Fortress 2 (now the Pyro craze is dying down it’s more fun), I’ve played through a long, long playthrough of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. I found on sale, which was pretty good (I made sure to download a bug and improvement mod – it still crashed on me too often however – BSODs all round!). The game really kept my interest – despite it’s flaws, and I might write up some deeper analysis on why it kept me entertained, and what was good and bad about it. The word “potential” might come up a lot – hopefully the games “prequel” Clear Sky will improve upon the games design.

I’ve also played a few games of Dawn of War – Survival Mod. I enjoy just setting up an awesome defence (Imperial Guard rocks my world), and it is well made, even though it is beta. I’m a sucker for this kind of thing.

My DS has been host to Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan, and it’s sequel, which are both enjoyable after playing so much Elite Beat Agents. My bus or car ride to work is long enough to finish a fair few songs, although hard mode on both is, well, hard (The first also is dead slow to restart some songs, making it an agony to lose near the end!). There is not much need for a translation either, it’s pretty obvious what is going on, and the Japanese pop references and in-jokes wouldn’t translate very well I presume 🙂 – the general humour however is pretty universal!

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  1. STALKER is a big to-do for me, but probably not until Thanksgiving (my next and final break). Still I’ve spent plenty of time playing my PS3 in the past. I also have a Wii that I spent $520 after 1 additional games, and controllers. That doesn’t include the batteries. So I think the costs are very deceiving. Now I did buy 3 additional controllers and one additional nunchuck for Wii Sports Tennis (the best game for the Wii to this date imo). If your looking for others I recommend you try out Okami (if you haven’t played it on the PS2 – I didn’t but I do have a PS3). Resident Evil, Galaxy, and the game where you play an Assassin (GTA style). Those are the best games, and probably the only ones trully worth looking into for the Wii. I recommend you not spend $60 per title and try and get your hands on a Wii-key as soon as possible.

    Now I am kinda disappointed you didn’t opt for the PS3. I’m not really a fan boy, at least I don’t think I am (I’m going to get a 360 when I graduate). But as far as value I think you get the biggest bang for your buck. The cost is identical to the 360 now, if you opt for the smaller HD. And you can very very easily swap hard drives on it. And for the cost that they are now, it’s a good idea to go for the low end SKU. The main reason I prefer the PS3 is it’s ability to run linux easily and an opportunity to cheaply program on the SPUs. Nothing fancy, but it’s better than nothing. You also get a ton of features that compare perfectly with the 360 but the Wii simply doesn’t have. One of them is of course fun games.

  2. The PS3 might work in America. In Europe, we get the crappy version, at an expensive price, like I said, without the rumble controllers, with games costing a lot more. I have rechargeable batteries spare for the Wii, I don’t have an extra £200 or more for a PS3 😛

    Cost being identical is a falsehood here too. The premium Xbox 360 is cheaper, by a long shot.

    The controllers for the Wii are more expensive, but not as much as I thought when I found some cheaper online, then the equivalent Xbox 360 or PS3 controllers (the latter only being Saxis ones anyway!).

    Yeah, Europe gets it bad for pricing here 😉 And anyway, FPS and RTS games I play on my PC like I said, which I will use a lot more regardless. If I ever get any more money, I’ll look at both of those consoles when they’ve matured more. So, that means price drops and proper functionality that America and Japan enjoy!

  3. I can certainly sympathize, so its a shame that their is such a variance. In the near future you should take a look at console style FPS (exclusives not the remakes such as FEAR). Such games are very well tuned for a console experience and myself being a CS 1.6 junkie up until two years ago was skeptical. But you’ll be surprised. It feels a lot like Team Fortress, so its still fun, its just aim has less emphasis and tactics more so. And as far as actual feel (the controller), the body and mind adjusts fairly quickly. I’m sure next year at GDC (assuming both me and you attend) we should stop by the expo floor and give Insomniac’s Resistance 2 a go. I’d wanna know what you think.

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