Series brings together animated and live actor based TV shows, radio and online podcasts, internet shows, and so forth. I expect this will likely need splitting up too at some point into the relevant kinds of series types there are.

In any case, a series of anything is linked together by the narrative and story, the cast, the crew, or a mix of these. Something may be a series mainly in name-only, which I’ll point out if I need to. It is satisfying to see long-running shows evolve and conclude. I generally do not watch persistent serials – soaps or long running animated shows. Mainly due to the time needed to watch the past episodes or constantly watch new ones, and the quality they sometimes lack.

There are some really fun non-fiction shows I watch, although not regularly and I usually read news online rather then watch the TV for it.

I also dislike adverts – if I can, I watch the BBC iPlayer or some variation thereof, or borrow/buy a DVD of a series. I am all too happy to pay the BBC to not show adverts.

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