Guess the Sound Quiz! Round 8 Answers

Round 8: Moving around

Ultra tough bonus round, can you name the games these movement sounds are from?

Sound 8a


Half Life 2’s sprinting makes it seem like Gordon can run the 100 meters in a few seconds (if it only lasted more then a few seconds, sigh).

Sound 8b


Call of Duty 4 has some deep breathing for it’s sprinting and running.

Sound 8c


Knights, infantry and armour advance in Medieval 2: Total War.

Sound 8d


This is sprinting and running in Battlefield 2.

Sound 8e


This is a squad moving along a road in Company of Heroes. You might not have got this – the feet overlap quite a bit 🙂

Sound 8f – Bonus sound

Ahhh, trick question perhaps? This is the sound made by almost all games when crouching – in fact, some games don’t even have walking around footsteps. But, in games which do, crouching removes it. Take your pick of most modern FPS shooters to listen to the lack of sound yourself 🙂


So how well did you do? I have no idea how hard this quiz is, and it’s heavily PC biased 🙂 so take your pick of your level, but I’d say anything over 30 is ace, and if you got less then 5, you really should play more games!

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