Guess the Sound Quiz! Round 7 Answers

Round 7: Ambience

The world, or something you do, might cause some rather strange noises.

Sound 7a


Some spooky noises from the first level of F.E.A.R. – I still haven’t completed the game due to this kind of stuff.

Sound 7b


This is the ambient noise which crops up on foot in the original Grand Theft Auto – it’s actually a “radio track”, which I was able to extract easily enough, despite the game not wanting to run!

Sound 7c


These are some of Sim City 2000’s city sounds – I removed the one saying “SimCopter One reporting heavy traffic” which can be quite repetitive in some cities, especially my ones.

Sound 7d


Metal Gear Solid “Guard Alert” noise – so I don’t have many console games here, but this is a classic sound 🙂 The funny picture is from MGS2.

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