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Games of 2010

While I’ve still got a major post (ie; involving lots of screenshots I’ve not finished yet) on a ton of indie games I got in packs in the Steam sales, this is a quick overview of the better games released in 2010 I’ve played; quick because I don’t need to bother with screenshots, huzzah! (I’ll […]

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2, 2, 2 or 2?

I’ve got some posts to finish off (STALKER and Mass Effect), but I’m now deciding what to play seriously next – beyond finishing my long game of Baldur’s Gate II that is. There’s…Mass Effect 2, BioShock 2, maybe Battlefield Bad Company 2 even. I noticed Supreme Commander 2 is out in March, although I’ll see […]

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Max Payne 3

I’m muddling…no Remedy, but hey, more Payne. I’ll just hope for now.

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