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Finally a Gallery2 WordPress Gallery Replacement

So I’ve got around to testing a large amount of possible replacements for Gallery2 and found one which generally fits (and I hope will be improved since it is entirely stable, but lacking a few features). The need was to have: A WordPress-integrated browsable gallery (so it cannot just be the “attach images to WordPress […]

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Battling WordPress and Gallery Software

I’m still looking at Gallery2 replacements, I suspect I’ll be summarising what I think of the ones I’m checking out (since I need it to work on this webserver setup, I do do some of the testing live, so hooray for random links appearing 😉 ). I’ve got some links to follow up from my […]

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Had Enough of Gallery2

My Gallery2 has been always partially borked. WPG2 and Gallery2 just simply don’t like each other. Gallery2 doesn’t like me. WPG2 doesn’t like me. It’s a big mess…

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eSata Working Nearly Perfectly, and Comments on Pages

The System Restore has worked fine getting my FireWire working from the previous problems I had. It still isn’t a proper hot-swappable eSata port, and I’ve no idea why (internet reports that it can be). However, HotSwap! is a neat app that can do it since the drive can be removed, just needs to have […]

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Starting a journal site from scratch

An excerpt? whats this then? Ahh, for viewing in lists. How fast I learn! My first journal post.

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