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Fixed site finally

Long time and I didn’t even fix my site when I last posted; fixed now, WordPress needs its good ol’ rewrite rules!


Subnormality is now one of my favourite comics. Read it, it’s well worth doing so, and reminds me why I need a vain page of things I want others to know is good and stuff!


Game Journalists Are Incompetent Fuckwits

Frequent postings of poor game industry journalism goes in my RSS feed methinks. The press needs to shore up so this site can be blank, for sure, some are bloody horrible reads!


ಠ_ಠ (I saw on some youtube video comment, going to use it as a tag now, hehe)

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Say “No” To Monopoly!

Great words on Monopoly. I’ve played much, much better games now, and see it for the horrible game it is.


Democracy Fail

Stupid representative republics pushing through laws just before elections. My MP pretty much ignored my letter and voted party line (stupid Labour), I am sure so did most others. Idiots.

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Sins of a Solar Empire

I’ve just ordered Mass Effect 2 and Bioshock 2, but Sins of a Solar Empire might call me back just from this one thing. Hehe, uber pirates! Fun having such destructive neutral AI forces.


IGDA Elections

Definitely worth checking these great writeups, something I was possibly going to do. I’m glad there are board questions and other bits on the profiles too. Go vote if you’re a member!


Crap Job Ubisoft…

I’m now not going to buy Assassins Creed 2, sigh. Preservationists nightmare == invasive dumb online DRM.

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Jump Leads

A humorous British sci-fi comic randomly found (wish I could remember where from). The first few issues hold up with the humour and the art is good, so well worth a shot.

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