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Anything to do with the website.

Might revamp the site sometime!

Languishing due to more activity on Facebook with friends (so many photos there!) and less conferences and events attended, I must admit I’ve left this place a bit. Not even edited the automatic robots.txt so Google lost me. However I feel I need a project and this one is just on the side of not-so-time-consuming […]

More Postings

I’ve got more stuff I should write up. Obviously! However, I have been investing time in stuff for The National Museum of Computing (and will be at their upcoming festival), so have really sucked at updating this site apart from mini things I’ve linked to. That, and some of the games I’ve been playing haven’t […]

Finally a Gallery2 WordPress Gallery Replacement

So I’ve got around to testing a large amount of possible replacements for Gallery2 and found one which generally fits (and I hope will be improved since it is entirely stable, but lacking a few features). The need was to have: A WordPress-integrated browsable gallery (so it cannot just be the “attach images to WordPress […]

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Had Enough of Gallery2

My Gallery2 has been always partially borked. WPG2 and Gallery2 just simply don’t like each other. Gallery2 doesn’t like me. WPG2 doesn’t like me. It’s a big mess…

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eSata Working Nearly Perfectly, and Comments on Pages

The System Restore has worked fine getting my FireWire working from the previous problems I had. It still isn’t a proper hot-swappable eSata port, and I’ve no idea why (internet reports that it can be). However, HotSwap! is a neat app that can do it since the drive can be removed, just needs to have […]

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Finally back online

My host has got my data back online after the shared server this site was originally on had a total network malfunction. I missed a few days of emails too, annoyingly. If I don’t reply to something, just send it again. Sadly it took a while longer to get access to my WordPress admin page […]

“Andrew’s Site” name

Meta-site thought here: I named my site “Andrew’s Site” all the way back in yesteryear when I created it using WordPress. I’ve been wondering if it is frankly a terrible name or not. I’m not the only Andrew out there – and seeing it linked to as “Andrew’s Site” is a tad boring, unlike say […]


Late Resolution to Update Site

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Recompressing my Zip/RAR files with 7zip En Masse

I decided to relearn some batch file basics (since I hadn’t got anything else handy) to recompress a ton of ZIP and RAR files into 7zip format. I didn’t find a good example of this, so made it into my own little tutorial (given I don’t have any other place to stick the page yet […]

No more www.

I’ve taken a leap of faith…or I just renewed my hosting, and decided to get rid of the www. from my URL. The old URL will work indefinitely and simply redirects, so it’s nicer to have a shorter URL. The reason I did have it at www. was the SSL certificate I was using was […]