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Personal posts, ie; about me.

Might revamp the site sometime!

Languishing due to more activity on Facebook with friends (so many photos there!) and less conferences and events attended, I must admit I’ve left this place a bit. Not even edited the automatic robots.txt so Google lost me. However I feel I need a project and this one is just on the side of not-so-time-consuming […]

New Year and All That Jazz

Happy 2010! Except there hasn’t been any 2010 yet…so I guess, Happy 2009! Hope it was a good year. What will I be doing in 2010…always nice to plan a bit. Well, first I need to fix my watch, which stopped on the 2nd of January, must be the battery dying. I did almost lose […]

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I am constantly finding things I should do, watch, see, play, listen to, read, think about and enjoy. Cultural things – all kinds of games, plays, music, film, TV, books…etc. I’m making smallish lists and looking out for things when I have a chance to see them. I think it is well worth sharing these […]

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AI War

After League of Legends I need some better games to post about, so I’ll be posting about them this week! The first up is AI War, which took a good part of my weekend up. The game itself is a large-scale sci-fi co-op RTS game against the CPU. It also has elements of tower defence […]

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New PC and Windows 7

Okay, so not many posts recently, since I’ve brought myself a new PC and am currently battling the beast that is Windows 7, the ATI drivers from Hell and EDID monitor information being lost. Many reinstalls right now (when I’m writing this Windows 7 is “Expanding Windows files” ). This is my site so I’m […]

Bedridden Illness

Stupid bug. Freshers Flu, a cold, a headache, whatever. dozens of disprin tablets, 3 days of basically doing nothing. Sigh. I still feel ill but at least I can cope looking at a PC screen and have been to work

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Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor and Joint Operations

Here we go! A writeup of the Company of Heroes expansion Tales of Valor which I’ve finished this weekend, along with Joint Operations, a very cool Company of Heroes modification. Tales of Valor The actual game, Tales of Valor, let me say now is probably not worth the full price of admission (~£25 they were […]

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What I’m Up To In June 2009

I need to get back into posting. Next week I’m going to Paris for the conference, which also means I’ll get a chance to go to some touristy places too, expect photos. There is also news that the Preservation SIG white paper has been accepted along with other game preservation items to DiGRA 2009, […]

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“Andrew’s Site” name

Meta-site thought here: I named my site “Andrew’s Site” all the way back in yesteryear when I created it using WordPress. I’ve been wondering if it is frankly a terrible name or not. I’m not the only Andrew out there – and seeing it linked to as “Andrew’s Site” is a tad boring, unlike say […]


This Week I’ve Mostly Playing…Indie Demo Goodness

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