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Interesting things. Well, interesting to me. If nothing else, considering how hard it is to remember things on the web from a year or so ago, this helps keep track of anything major I want to remember!

Everything is a Remix

I need to post more, so here is a series (thanks to vsauce) that is amazing.

Corporate Censorship

Censorship is censorship. Ron Gilbert puts it more eloquently then me, regarding the lockdown of devices like the iPhone regarding creativity. Also see Kyle Orland’s opinions on this kind of policy. Good stuff both.


Time and Space Travel

A nice concise explanation of why Time Travel is also Space Travel. I love Irregular Webcomic!


Lego’s Fun Attempt at Using Trademarks to Clamp Down Design

IPKat, which I keep up to date on my patent and copyright law with (it’s good sometimes ), has an interesting article on Lego trying to appeal a cancellation of a trademark they attempted – a photograph of a Lego brick. It is fascinating not just how big businesses try and keep what (under current […]

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Copyright and Sampling

This is a fascinating video on the history of a popular beat sample, and reflections on the copyright of it (I like the Judge quote). (Via. Chewing Pixels awesome link roundups)

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Lawful Stupid Averted

This is a fascinating thread describing some brilliant Neutral Evil vs. Lawful Good roleplaying, which doesn’t fall into Lawful Stupid for the paladin. Made my day

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Finding That Damn Game

Wow, how hard is it to find an item on the internet you don’t know the name of? Especially something reasonably obscure? In this case, it’s my partial area of expertise; videogames. Let’s see, and also handily (for me in the future) I’ll list all the resources I used. This is a bit odd, I […]

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DiGRA 2009 Conclusion

So, here is my conclusion on DiGRA 2009! I thoroughly enjoyed most of the conference. Lets get over the parts I didn’t enjoy; presenting since I just didn’t feel I did a good job (rushed, little practice), so next time, more practice and less rushing. Vocabulary both needs to be clearer and, simply, have more […]

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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni was recommended to me by members of Namsoc – so I went ahead, knowing it was going to be a rather strange mystery-psychological-crazy series. This might contain minor spoilers, but nothing much – I wrote most of this before the final episodes of the first series, and you really need […]

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Twitter Pictures Feed, fascinating to watch, amazing internetery! via. Chewing Pixels.