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Research – papers, critical analysis, or historical investigation might fall into this.

Finding That Damn Game

Wow, how hard is it to find an item on the internet you don’t know the name of? Especially something reasonably obscure? In this case, it’s my partial area of expertise; videogames. Let’s see, and also handily (for me in the future) I’ll list all the resources I used. This is a bit odd, I […]

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Constantly Unsatisfied Gamers

DiGRA, specifically the preservation panel but also noted in a few other places, pretty much did doggedly say that previews and other items basically make gamers eternally unsatisfied.

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DiGRA 2009 Conclusion

So, here is my conclusion on DiGRA 2009! I thoroughly enjoyed most of the conference. Lets get over the parts I didn’t enjoy; presenting since I just didn’t feel I did a good job (rushed, little practice), so next time, more practice and less rushing. Vocabulary both needs to be clearer and, simply, have more […]

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