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The Videogame Press is a topic I want to further point out – both the great and the bad parts – basically because I do read it from time to time shockingly, and it does shock me sometimes (in both good and bad ways).

Chris Hecker Just Can’t Get a Break

Great opinion article by Chris Hecker’s about his comments taken out of context, poorly reported and generally the stupidity of the gaming press. I have dozens of articles I read about how bad it is, but it is nice to read one from someone affected by just how ridiculous it is.


Game Podcasts

I irregularly listen to the Giantbomb Bombcast. They’re now doing membership ($50/year, or monthly $4.95, woo…). Hmm. Just: No thanks, while the irrelevant ramblings and absolutely off-beat podcast length might be unjustifiable as a cost, why make it that long in the first place? They even mention it during this 45 minute long one; they […]

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Game Journalists Are Incompetent Fuckwits

Frequent postings of poor game industry journalism goes in my RSS feed methinks. The press needs to shore up so this site can be blank, for sure, some are bloody horrible reads!

Rant on Music Reivews

A good 10 minute watch, and Rob is right, it’s highly applicable to games.

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GameCity Squared

I’ve been at various events held at GameCity Squared (or GameCity 2009) this year. Some good, some bad, and some mediocre. Lets see what’s what

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DiGRA 2009 Conclusion

So, here is my conclusion on DiGRA 2009! I thoroughly enjoyed most of the conference. Lets get over the parts I didn’t enjoy; presenting since I just didn’t feel I did a good job (rushed, little practice), so next time, more practice and less rushing. Vocabulary both needs to be clearer and, simply, have more […]

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GDC2009 – Thursday – Meet the Press, QoL and a AI Roundtable

A lot of various things done on Thursday – this year I was looking to see what the IGDA was doing in more depth, especially on the QoL side. Jason Della Rocca is leaving, so they explained in the AGM that there is a process underway to get a new executive director. There was also […]

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