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PC videogames – I love PC games, so this will be a pretty full category.

Games of 2010

While I’ve still got a major post (ie; involving lots of screenshots I’ve not finished yet) on a ton of indie games I got in packs in the Steam sales, this is a quick overview of the better games released in 2010 I’ve played; quick because I don’t need to bother with screenshots, huzzah! (I’ll […]

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Red Faction: Guerrilla

Red Faction: Guerrilla. In a sentence; you’re a Space Asshole with a big hammer. I’ve seen it referenced recently as Red Faction: Gorilla which is utterly apt description of the game. I also appear to have a spare copy of the game from owning Metro 2033, hehe In any case, please watch this before continuing: […]

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Choice of Games

They do fun browser-based diversions – text-based choice games, which have fun stat-changing decisions and chapters. You can be a roaring Dragon or take part in a Hornblower-esk Navy adventure. I never really seriously read “Choose your own adventure” books – I did have some but always cheated just to check out how the books […]


Mmm, StarCraft 2’s Battle Net…

Not a healthy consumer-orientated system apparently. What a shame; guess I might pick it up for the singleplayer sometime, and glad I don’t live in Russia or want to run a LAN tournament either…(not that the big companies complaining are good to root for apparently)

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Battlefield: Bad Company 2

I’ve not played much of the Battlefield series, but it has a grand legacy of small-to-medium-scale tanks and troop battles. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 has a passable basically rail-shooter singleplayer, but gorgeous first-person-shooter squad-based multiplayer. Still Haven’t Finished the Singleplayer… Thankfully it definitely doesn’t take itself too seriously, since the singleplayer game I’ve still not […]


Sins of a Solar Empire

I’ve just ordered Mass Effect 2 and Bioshock 2, but Sins of a Solar Empire might call me back just from this one thing. Hehe, uber pirates! Fun having such destructive neutral AI forces.


Steam UI Update – Nice, just Hugggeee

Odd thing, the new UI update for Steam looks okay, as so far it was functional before but has shading and stuff now. It also allows you to filter games so only installed ones are shown, which is great. It’s just huge. Hugggeeee. I have a second monitor and it takes up half of it […]


Crap Job Ubisoft…

I’m now not going to buy Assassins Creed 2, sigh. Preservationists nightmare == invasive dumb online DRM.

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Victory over Ubisoft, of a sorts, with Beyond Good and Evil 2 still being in production! (I so hope that it is true).

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AI War

After League of Legends I need some better games to post about, so I’ll be posting about them this week! The first up is AI War, which took a good part of my weekend up. The game itself is a large-scale sci-fi co-op RTS game against the CPU. It also has elements of tower defence […]

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