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“videogames” “video games” “digital games” – whatever your term, this broad category means any discussion by me or others on games.

Minimalist Pokemon Wallpaper

For someone who still loves the intricate turn based battling RPG, these wallpapers are just great! All 493 ones done up in a minimalist style

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Rob Fearon does a great overview of game explosions. Absolutely beautiful stuff!


Choice of Games

They do fun browser-based diversions – text-based choice games, which have fun stat-changing decisions and chapters. You can be a roaring Dragon or take part in a Hornblower-esk Navy adventure. I never really seriously read “Choose your own adventure” books – I did have some but always cheated just to check out how the books […]


Mmm, StarCraft 2’s Battle Net…

Not a healthy consumer-orientated system apparently. What a shame; guess I might pick it up for the singleplayer sometime, and glad I don’t live in Russia or want to run a LAN tournament either…(not that the big companies complaining are good to root for apparently)

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Nostalgia in Historical Game Articles

This is just a brief thing; I’m trying to gauge the point of this here article. I mainly skim or don’t read The Escapist anymore so I have no idea if this is basically the standard for the weekly content the site was originally built on, but well, I’m still trying to think of the […]

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Battlefield: Bad Company 2

I’ve not played much of the Battlefield series, but it has a grand legacy of small-to-medium-scale tanks and troop battles. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 has a passable basically rail-shooter singleplayer, but gorgeous first-person-shooter squad-based multiplayer. Still Haven’t Finished the Singleplayer… Thankfully it definitely doesn’t take itself too seriously, since the singleplayer game I’ve still not […]


IGDA Quality of Life SIG Committee Member

I’m not even in the games industry…why even try and be a committee member of the IGDA’s Quality of Life SIG? I think I can help is why! It also might be a plus not being in the industry I’m only peripheral to at best, since I can’t really get fired for saying anything. I’m […]

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Game Journalists Are Incompetent Fuckwits

Frequent postings of poor game industry journalism goes in my RSS feed methinks. The press needs to shore up so this site can be blank, for sure, some are bloody horrible reads!

Rant on Music Reivews

A good 10 minute watch, and Rob is right, it’s highly applicable to games.

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Sins of a Solar Empire

I’ve just ordered Mass Effect 2 and Bioshock 2, but Sins of a Solar Empire might call me back just from this one thing. Hehe, uber pirates! Fun having such destructive neutral AI forces.