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Indie is a tough word to describe. “Not tied to a publisher directly” will probably suffice – mainly aimed at smaller games done by a few people.

GameCity 2010: A Report

GameCity 2010 was a while back; 27th to the 30th of October. This is a late report, with all the pedantry of trying to remember things from it that are worth reporting on! Talks, Panels and Notes Firstly, I have done some rather lengthy notes this year. This comes from doing them on my laptop […]

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Rob Fearon does a great overview of game explosions. Absolutely beautiful stuff!


Choice of Games

They do fun browser-based diversions – text-based choice games, which have fun stat-changing decisions and chapters. You can be a roaring Dragon or take part in a Hornblower-esk Navy adventure. I never really seriously read “Choose your own adventure” books – I did have some but always cheated just to check out how the books […]


AI War

After League of Legends I need some better games to post about, so I’ll be posting about them this week! The first up is AI War, which took a good part of my weekend up. The game itself is a large-scale sci-fi co-op RTS game against the CPU. It also has elements of tower defence […]

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Bedridden Illness

Stupid bug. Freshers Flu, a cold, a headache, whatever. dozens of disprin tablets, 3 days of basically doing nothing. Sigh. I still feel ill but at least I can cope looking at a PC screen and have been to work

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Gambling Lambs #1

Gambling Lambs went on yesterday evening, and lo, it was good, involving: Me learning finally how to do bits of a Rubik’s cube, thanks to David (I’ve forgotten the exact combinations now but I get the theory). He knows his l33t cubes. Being on film for a local BBC documentary on videogames and games (which […]

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IGF 2009

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