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Reviews of different videogames. I’m not much of a writer, but there we go.

Civilization 5 Critique

A great Civilization 5 critique: What Went Wrong? – read a while ago, mainly posting for reference and so others know 😀

Games of 2010

While I’ve still got a major post (ie; involving lots of screenshots I’ve not finished yet) on a ton of indie games I got in packs in the Steam sales, this is a quick overview of the better games released in 2010 I’ve played; quick because I don’t need to bother with screenshots, huzzah! (I’ll […]

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DiGRA 2009 Conclusion

So, here is my conclusion on DiGRA 2009! I thoroughly enjoyed most of the conference. Lets get over the parts I didn’t enjoy; presenting since I just didn’t feel I did a good job (rushed, little practice), so next time, more practice and less rushing. Vocabulary both needs to be clearer and, simply, have more […]

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Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor and Joint Operations

Here we go! A writeup of the Company of Heroes expansion Tales of Valor which I’ve finished this weekend, along with Joint Operations, a very cool Company of Heroes modification. Tales of Valor The actual game, Tales of Valor, let me say now is probably not worth the full price of admission (~£25 they were […]

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Eegra Five-word/Haiku Review Database

This is worth a read, I chuckled at many, You might do so to!

Review Discrepancies

Bill Harris has a look at NCAA Football 2009 reviews, versus his own look at the game. Looks pretty grim on the game reviewers side, sigh.

Professor Layton and the Curious Village

So I’ve got my golden top hat in the game, which means I’ve solved enough puzzles in this puzzle-tastic game to get the end of the story. Yay! But curse you Puzzle 067…curse you! Dastardly hard, grrr. (Read on for my mini review)

Consolevania at the IA

I’ve been working on getting Consolevania on the Internet Archive, which I finished today. Now you can download all the episodes off the archive’s servers, located here. This is good, because I really enjoy Consolevania and it is a really worthwhile piece of videogame show history. Certainly anyone who can appreciate the (UK-orientated) humour, characters […]