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DS titles. I own a DS Lite, and there are still games being produced for it. This is by far the best handheld of the 2000’s, and probably will be well beyond.

3DS Thoughts

Some random thoughts on the 3DS I caught on Saturday; The 3d is okay; but it varies a lot game to game. You have to keep still using it so obviously you would turn it off if you use the gyroscope inside (as with Monkey Ball – a real shame). Some games barely use it […]


Games of 2010

While I’ve still got a major post (ie; involving lots of screenshots I’ve not finished yet) on a ton of indie games I got in packs in the Steam sales, this is a quick overview of the better games released in 2010 I’ve played; quick because I don’t need to bother with screenshots, huzzah! (I’ll […]

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Bedridden Illness

Stupid bug. Freshers Flu, a cold, a headache, whatever. dozens of disprin tablets, 3 days of basically doing nothing. Sigh. I still feel ill but at least I can cope looking at a PC screen and have been to work

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Gambling Lambs #1

Gambling Lambs went on yesterday evening, and lo, it was good, involving: Me learning finally how to do bits of a Rubik’s cube, thanks to David (I’ve forgotten the exact combinations now but I get the theory). He knows his l33t cubes. Being on film for a local BBC documentary on videogames and games (which […]

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I like the Pokemon RPG’s, so this cheered me up today. So cute! (Via. Sexy Videogameland)

This Week, I Have Been Mostly Playing…

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