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Films. We British say films, not Movies, and in any case, films can be more broad – short works, non-cinema releases, or long film-length pieces might come under this. Usually it is cinema-released material.

Just Shut Up

Interesting and, for me, relevant short piece on ingrained media badness people do not know about or sometimes want to know about, such as Beauty and The Beast. I’ve had such “Just shup up” responses in actual conversations on really basic problems with some things before. Glad it’s not just me.

Groundhog Day and A/B Testing

Jeff Atwood makes the most marvellous posts – and any deeper discussion on Groundhog Day is good (which reminds me…), adding a coding angle is just brilliant.

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Mystery Man on Film

(Yes, I’ve been back from Paris for a while, I’ll post my notes from the AI conference shortly…) In the mean time I’ve also been reading recently Mystery Man on Film. I’m no film buff (I’ve got a lot of good films to see still! still rooted in games myself), but it is great to […]


Hancock – Nice Idea – Shame About The Implementation

Inspired by Nice Video – Shame About the Song, there are a ton of things which simply have one brilliant gem embedded in them, but the rest of it is just a shame. It basically means a middling film, game or book. Hancock personifies this for me (at least recently). The film itself starts really […]


Michael Clayton

I’ve had a one-sentence review of Michael Clayton before on my site but re-watching it on the BBC iPlayer really makes me want to say some more about the thriller – although if you’ve not seen it I’ll say it’s worth seeing, again I might as well say it has some great performances and some […]



I need to post more! I will do shortly now I’m on Xmas Holiday 😀 Anyway, Avatar, the film – let it be known, I have not seen a film more packed with cliché, plot rippoff and tropes (or to put it more nicely, “Homages”, “inspired bys” and “reused plot devices”). The actual avatars were […]

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The Truman Show

I got The Truman Show for my Birthday – a film I’ve wanted to re-watch for a long while now. It is certainly a film that matures, at least so far as I was quite young when it was out (and I saw it only on TV later). There are many amazing bits of detail […]

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Reading Watchmen

I finished Watchmen today (thanks to a friend lending it to me), having already seen the film this year. I must say I’m thoroughly impressed by most of it – certainly is likely the one graphic novel worth reading if you read no others. I found it more interesting comparing bits of it to what […]


Akira Kurosawa

Akira Kurosawa‘s article is a great satirical piece at Uncyclopedia. There are real gems on that site from time to time!

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Videogame Movies…Entirely Forgettable

I watched two films on the way back from America a few weeks ago…one was a reasonably okay drama called “A Bunch of Amateurs“, pretty standard plot by my reckoning but good enough to watch. Then there was…some other film. I am pretty sure I watched two anyway…I am sure it was something…had action, must […]

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