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GameCity 2010: A Report

GameCity 2010 was a while back; 27th to the 30th of October. This is a late report, with all the pedantry of trying to remember things from it that are worth reporting on! Talks, Panels and Notes Firstly, I have done some rather lengthy notes this year. This comes from doing them on my laptop […]

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Quick GameCity 2010 Notes

I’ve put my notes up, sans photos. I should get photos and a post about the event in full up soon(ish)!


Paris and AiGameDev 2010

I’ve finally got around to editing and uploading my AiGameDev 2010 conference notes. I’m still working on photos, we’ll see if I can be bothered to post any – since Alex did a great job posting some himself I don’t know though. Paris itself was also excellent, with the very cool Micah who I shared […]

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Conferences I’ll Attend in 2010

This week I finally decided to sort out what I was going to book/go to/do conference wise this year. I’ve been pretty busy not doing game development as such, so these would be a good excuse to be inspired and do things (Oh, and I can’t justifiably afford GDC this year since I have no […]


GameCity Squared

I’ve been at various events held at GameCity Squared (or GameCity 2009) this year. Some good, some bad, and some mediocre. Lets see what’s what

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DiGRA 2009 Conclusion

So, here is my conclusion on DiGRA 2009! I thoroughly enjoyed most of the conference. Lets get over the parts I didn’t enjoy; presenting since I just didn’t feel I did a good job (rushed, little practice), so next time, more practice and less rushing. Vocabulary both needs to be clearer and, simply, have more […]

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DiGRA 2009

I’m at DiGRA 2009 right now, and due to actual available wifi, I’m putting up my raw notes as-is online right away – woo, this must be what people call live-blogging (sans twitter, I am not even tempted by the game they have on twitter 😉 ). Check my notes out, and I’ll get photos […]

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Gambling Lambs #1

Gambling Lambs went on yesterday evening, and lo, it was good, involving: Me learning finally how to do bits of a Rubik’s cube, thanks to David (I’ve forgotten the exact combinations now but I get the theory). He knows his l33t cubes. Being on film for a local BBC documentary on videogames and games (which […]

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Develop 2009 Roundup

The Develop Conference was good this year – I have notes to write up, some interesting ones, which I hope to sort once I do my gallery up with some new software (this has but a few of the ones I took with my new camera, and I’ll link to the notes here and in […]

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Videogame Nation

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