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Insane Batman

This is seemingly an amazing Batman 12 part comic series. I’ve got to find out how the second half goes…utter madness – ala The Room is for film (via. Dan Hon, who has brilliant links)


I’ve just finished reading Akira today, a really good comic book read in fact. It’s a pretty damn nifty sci-fi story, character driven and manages to cope with a huge cast of characters who delve into and out of the main thread. I’d recommend you read it, it’s pretty timeless considering it’s set in “the […]



Subnormality is now one of my favourite comics. Read it, it’s well worth doing so, and reminds me why I need a vain page of things I want others to know is good and stuff!


Jump Leads

A humorous British sci-fi comic randomly found (wish I could remember where from). The first few issues hold up with the humour and the art is good, so well worth a shot.

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Anders Loves Maria

A rather turbulent journey through a relationship, in comic form (highly recommended from other comics is how I found it). Read from the beginning, if you’re and adult, and enjoy!

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Time and Space Travel

A nice concise explanation of why Time Travel is also Space Travel. I love Irregular Webcomic!


Generic Videogame Based Webcomic

I’m reading through Cyanide and Happiness archives, and this comic is great, and perfectly says why I avoid Ctrl+Alt+Del and similar webcomics.

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Death Note

I’ve finally finished all 108 chapters of Death Note yesterday (borrowed from Namsoc). It is pretty good – I think well worth a read if you can enjoy the ludicrous nature of the plot. It is entertaining to see round after round of second guessing and plotting – and while it does slow down in […]


Bedridden Illness

Stupid bug. Freshers Flu, a cold, a headache, whatever. dozens of disprin tablets, 3 days of basically doing nothing. Sigh. I still feel ill but at least I can cope looking at a PC screen and have been to work

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Reading Watchmen

I finished Watchmen today (thanks to a friend lending it to me), having already seen the film this year. I must say I’m thoroughly impressed by most of it – certainly is likely the one graphic novel worth reading if you read no others. I found it more interesting comparing bits of it to what […]