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Time and Space Travel

A nice concise explanation of why Time Travel is also Space Travel. I love Irregular Webcomic!

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  1. | May 13th, 2016 at 2:33 | Permalink

    D Smeds skriver:I filmen blir en polis dödad efter att han blev påkörd av en bil. Har detta någon parallell i bordellhärvan?

  2. auto insurance | June 5th, 2016 at 8:50 | Permalink

    Sometimes if I need a quick card and have no inpiration, I will thumb through the magazine and look for a CAS design. Then I just change the colors and sentiments around and Voila!

  3. Whom are the RCC authoritehs trying to kid? If rights bump up against any of the church’s proscriptions, the rights go out the window. They are not for gay rights, or they would not, even today, label gays as “inherently disordered”.

  4. Realmente….O que sobrou do projecto do GL? Domingos, Sá Pinto Duque, Freitas.Imagina um primeiro ministro que deixa cair todo o seu programa de governo, todos os seus ministros mas é melhor mante-lo porque a oposição perdeu as eleições e não se sabe se faria melhor.

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