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I have really neglected my comics category, I guess I wasn’t ever board enough to do this. Wrote up something on a forum thread so I might as well copy and paste it here :) this means there are no fancy pictures though.

These are the majority of the online comics I read regularly. I’m not saying anyone else will like them but it’s always worth trying something new. Post your suggestions, but I won’t listen if you mention anything about CAD.

These are in no particular order apart from under their headings.

Excellent Reads

Minus – Excellent comic about a strange girl with strange powers – large print comics, not one of these “daily comics” or one with a span going over several strips, which is really good artistically. Has finished now, so read from the start.

Better Days – Follows twins through stages of their lives. The anapromophic thing doesn’t seem to come into it much (I think that’s more for the extra smutty things sold on the site