Video Game Music Show – 21/04/2008 online

After a four week hiatus, we have another Video Game Music Show on our hands! This week it features a large variety of music, and has a third of the show dedicated to the recently released Super Smash Bros. Brawl remix tracks of classic games. Other favourites (which are downloadable) I got to play include Cave Story music (Huzzah!), and You Have To Burn The Rope credits track “Now You’re a Hero” by Reachground. I also played some random tracks from Timesplitters 2, Warcraft II and III, Sim City 2000 and many others!

Note: The sound is incredibly loud this time and clips several times. I didn’t do a pre-check since I started late, and the computers output sound was higher then usual annoyingly. It is still pretty fine if you turn it down a bit 🙂

Download the show in MP3 (93MB, 128Kbps) or Ogg (125MB, Q6) formats, and catch the playlist and notes on the shows page.