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GDC08 Video – Game developers rant

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I made a video of this years Game Developers Rant on my camera, and have finally uploaded it now – it’s certainly got some more visual elements you won’t get from a writeup!

This year rant was by Clint Hocking, Jenova Chen, Jane McGonigal, Jon Mak (or possibly Sam Roberts), Daniel James and a surprise Chris Hecker. I managed to film from around a minute into Clint’s rant, so sorry about missing the start! (Also; the audio is a bit dodgy at times, I tried best I could, but the camera is more to blame for clicks and sometimes muting of the sound).

Download links:

  • H264, 320×240 video (74MB) – actually isn’t bad, since my camera didn’t have good quality and the video codec is good. Audio is the same in both too.

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