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I am male, live in the UK, and was born in 1986. I’ve recently graduated with a BCS in Computer Science at Loughborough University, and am now working in the IS Computer Suite Support Group at the University of Nottingham.

About this site

This site is dedicated to my projects, and things I’ve been up to. I’ve been putting off keeping a record of my work, but this should make it easier to record all my efforts.

I hope to develop the site largely around my interest videogames, and applied development and modifying them. I hold great interest in game AI (programming, theory and design). There are a great many areas of entertainment, in TV books and film, as well as online and offline things which will likely get posted at one time or another.


See my contact page.

Curriculum Vitae

See my Resume / Curriculum Vitae page.

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  1. Emmanuel Muzira | September 27th, 2010 at 23:54 | Permalink

    hello andrew

    I have been checking out your journal and found that you’re a real cool guy like me. You like video games music (which was a hidden passion), you watch anime like me (btw baccanno was good but the sotry went a bit over my head so didn’t really finish it). What I find really interesting about you is that you are literally a genius, which is something i credit you for.

    I have a final year project due soon and I wanted my project to involve using a car. I read your piece on the racing car AI project and was intrigued to learn more. I wanted to know what type of software to use when writing this programme ( you are going to have to forgive me, as I’m not that fluent in computer programming. only got the basics), also what equipment you think I could need.

    Do you also have any Ideas that I can put forward to do for my project, I wanted to see my coordinator but he is never around and doesnt rpelay to any messages (quiete useless being honest)

    anything would really be appreciated.

    kind regards


    3rd year , automotive engineering, university of brighton

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